If you want to buy a property in Cyprus, and you decide Cyprus apartments as your prefered option, there are some things you should be careful about. If you asked an apartment owner currently living in Cyprus, they could tell you horror stories, and give you advice on what to avoid. As the blocks of apartments in Cyprus have common servicing areas, you will need to pay a service charge for keeping the area maintained and clean. So before buying  Cyprus apartments, you should ask about the maintenance charges, to avoid disappointments. Central heating is another bill you need to know about, and if the charges are not set or there is no separate meter for the apartments, it can be a source of argument. Hot water facilities and access should also be regulated and laid down in the apartment block’s documents.

When you are looking in advertisements, you will find that many people are using the word “luxury” without explaining why they consider the apartment to be above average. You need to know that all newly built properties in Cyprus are finished to the highest standards. Central heating, public swimming pool and air conditioning are not considered to be luxurious features. You have to find out about the exact location, appliances, services and the quality of finish, before you can decide the property is a high profile apartment.

The construction should also be examined. The best way to find out about the builder and planner is to consult with a local surveyor. They will know almost all the contractors and projects in a certain area of Cyprus, and can give you first-hand information. Some dishonest builders always use cheap materials of leave some out, not matter where you are in the world. But if can cause you extra maintenance costs and disappointments too. Not to mention that if the lift or rainwater system breaks, the owners will need to pay for the repair.

You have to find out the name of the property developer and ask around about their previous projects. You can also speak to people living in the block of Cyprus apartments you are interested in, to find out if they ever had any problems before. If the block of apartments is still under construction, you will have to ask locals and authorities to ensure it will be completed in time or at all. You will always have to trust the Lands’ Office to keep hold of a copy of your sales documents, to help you with your claim or dispute later on. If it is submitted to them in time (usually in about 2 months of the completion), you have a good chance to get your problems solved easier.