Green Bay is located in the beautiful Protaras area on the east coast of the third largest Mediterrenean island of Cyprus. Throughout the year, the water is very warm with temperature varying between 19 and 30 degrees Celsius. Visibility in these calm crystal clear waters can reach up to 35 metres.

This bay scores a lot of points with beginner divers and open water certification students. Access is very easy as there is a sandy walk on entry in a shallow sheltered bay with a maximum depth of 3 metres. This confined water-like area is ideal for the water skills required in beginner diving courses and it is an added factor why this bay is so popular with a lot of diving schools in the South. The bay leads on to open water to a maximum depth of 12 metres.

This dive site is made up of a mixture of rock and sea grass, ending this landscape in sand flats. Green bay promises a multitude of fish and together with its picturesque scenery makes it ideal for underwater photographers. Swimming along the slope, several clumps of ancient amphorae can be seen. At the final set of rocks, you will come across recently sunken statues.

At Green Bay one can spot a variety of marine life such as sea breams, trumpet fish, pipe fish, star fish, damsel fish, fireworms and sand fish. The number of rocks with holes and gullies make it ideal for moray eels and octopuses. If you are lucky, maybe you even get to see a turtle swimming by (Caretta Caretta). Just after the gentle entry slope you get to a table like rock where hundreds of fish will swim over and come quite close since they are used to divers feeding them. Very much like pigeons in a village square. Try taking a bag of bread down with you should you be visiting the area.

Green bay has a lot to offer by not only being the perfect training site but also interesting enough for experienced divers.