Cyprus is not only a great place to take a holiday, but a fantastic location to plan your retirement. There is so much Cyprus properties can offer you, when it comes to comfort and affordability, that if you want a peaceful and active retirement, you have to look into this option.

The first thing you need to do is to look through different Cyprus properties. There are some apartments on offer, and if you want the complete peace of mind, you can have them fully managed. If you prefer Cyprus properties in a quiet environment and with a stunning garden, there are loads of villas on sale, too. The estate agents will be able to give you advice which Cyprus properties are suitable for retirement.

After you have selected the property to buy, you will have to get a local solicitor with experience in Cyprus properties. You might need finance to buy Cyprus properties, but this can be arranged back in your country, as well as on the island. The majority of estate agents and solicitors speak English and can give you useful advice on buying Cyprus properties. You might have to fill out some forms to ask for a permission , but you are sure to be granted. The government does not create many obstacles for Brits buying Cyprus properties.

You will have to ensure you have a bank account opened that is easy to access from Cyprus. You need to get your pension or other income sent straight through to that account for your convenience. When you buy Cyprus properties, you might want to add some more character to the house, and you will need the money. You will not have to pay extra tax in Cyprus. Owners of Cyprus properties will be paying tax on their income from other countries back in their home country.

The next thing you will have to sort out is to get a car. You can import a car, before you are looking at Cyprus properties, but that method is expensive and you might need to wait months before you will get access to the car. That is why you have to look for a suitable one locally. If you are living in one of the stunning Cyprus properties, you are more than likely to have parking space included.

You will probably need some time to get used to the climate and the characteristics of Cyprus properties. Take your time and enjoy the rest of your retirement.