If you are used to the usual holidays, and are a looking for something a little bit different, you have to know that Cyprus has more to offer than holiday resorts, beaches and restaurants. There is much more to see in Cyprus than these sites, and if you are interested in the culture, you will be able to explore different places, too. Of you are looking to get away from the famous tourist sites of Cyprus, you can go off and explore the island yourself.

Some people will fall in love with not only Cyprus, but the local people and culture, too. And the best way to get to know locals is to live among them. And if you have already fallen in love with the beauty of the island, you can go around and see more.

Unlike England, even March is warm in Cyprus. Life never stops in Cyprus, and there is always something to explore, and discover.

Some of the villages, like Kathikas, Anarita, Tsada and Episkopi offer a great alternative to usual holiday resorts. They do have a layout of a real Cyprus village, and are occupied by locals, instead of tourists.

Cyprus villages offer a great alternative if you are looking for more character and get to know the culture, customs. You will see local men having a discussion in the traditional coffee shop, or just people living their everyday life. You can see how relaxed and happy Cyprus people are, and you can’t help it but envy them.

You need to be open to other cultures, tastes and customs, if you are looking to settle down in Cyprus. And the best way to explore the way of life in Cyprus is to mix with local people. You can discover great remote locations with loads of character, and make friendships as well.