It makes a huge difference in what you can see when you are taking a Cyprus holiday away from the crowd. You will have more opportunities to discover local flavors, make friends with local people, and see the way of living and thinking. You can even see how Cyprus lace is made, and buy fresh local produce every day.

You can see how locals live if you are renting in one of the remote villages, like Episkopi or Kathikas. You can see how people work, have fun, chat, relax. If you are planning on settling down in Cyprus, it is essential to get to know locals as much as possible. You will see how Cypriots make money making local produce, selling them, follow the steps of making wine, and could even get invited to some traditional homes in Cyprus.

Kathikas Village offers a great choice, when it comes to accommodation and local produce. It is located about 15 minutes from Coral Bay, and is not far away from  Latchi, a traditional local fishing port. You can rent a car, to make it easier to get around in Cyprus, and explore more of the island. You can even find a local “Sterna winery”, offering a warm atmosphere and great tasting wines, You can review the history, and see much more of the island than what is written in the tourist guides, People in Cyprus will have loads of stories and legends to tell.

If you decide to visit Episkopi, a small village with a geological feature of a rock face, you will not be disappointed. It is not easy to get there though, and you might want to have a local drive. The roads are steep and narrow, but the landscape is worth it. You can see how oranges, grapes, almonds and lemons are grown here, and how local farmers live.

Further away from the coast, you can find Anarita and Tsada. They are only about 7 miles from the golf court, and local people are very helpful. They will surely offer you a Cyprus Meze or a local wine. There are loads of festivals in the spring and autumn, and once you see what is on offer, you will never want to miss it again.