When you are looking to build your own home in Cyprus, you have to visit different areas of the island. Ask locals about the location and local amenities. If it is a small village, ask around if there is a land or sale. If you ask which agency is covering the area, you will be able to find the person dealing with the particular Cyprus property. Alternatively you can look online once you have found the perfect spot in Cyprus you would like to build your home at. If you find a person who has the land to sell in the area, ask them directly.

Next, you need to find a local architect to plan your new home. There are many local highly qualified architects and contractors, and you can save a lot of money by using their services. The fees are set at around 4 to 6 percent of the total building cost of the Cyprus property, but you can have a fixed price for the project, too. If you need local expert advice, you can ask for help at the Registrar of the Association of Architects & Engineers. They hold the details of all the qualified and registered architects. If you are planning an investment property, like an apartment house you can rent some flats out and live in one, you might need some negotiation skills to reduce the price.

You also have to get in touch with a local plumber, who knows the current regulations, or a mechanical engineer. The design is going to cost you around four percent and 2 percent for the supervision. If you are not particularly keen on central heating, you can reduce the building costs of your Cyprus property. You will be able to make more use of the air conditioning in the Cyprus climate for sure. You can even get an engineer to set up your heating to be powered by solar energy. If you want to settle down for good in Cyprus, you should definitely consider this option.

You can actually set up a tender for the Cyprus property project, and choose a contractor yourself, based on the plans submitted and their references. If you want to reduce the time it would take you to get things going, you can also ask the architect for advice on Cyprus building contractors.

If you are planning a larger development, you can actually hire a project manager to direct the different contractors. You might also need a quantity surveyor to help with the planning of your Cyprus property.

But the most important thing you have to do before you start building your Cyprus home is to obtain all the permissions. Your architect will be able to obtain this at the relevant Cyprus regional authorities.

You should start the building work after all the permits are in place and objections are handled. Remember to finalize your plans before the work starts, or you may face extra charges.

Once your Cyprus property development is completed, you should submit the changes to the authorities to get a final approval. Once it is obtained, you will get the property registered as a building.