As Cyprus has got loads of sunshine all year long, and a great geography, it also offers plenty of outdoor activities for all ages. As it is an island, there are plenty of water sports to choose from: you can go diving, including scuba diving and deep water diving, canoeing and fishing. Windsurfing is another popular and great activity for younger visitors of Cyprus. The mountains also provide different opportunities, like mountain biking, walking or climbing. Other than the above sports, you can enjoy some of the greatest golfing experiences in the modern, 21st century golf courses. There are plenty of horsing clubs, too, as horse races are very popular in Cyprus.

Cyprus Mountain Bike activities

You do not have to be a professional biker to enjoy mountain biking in Cyprus. There are different levels of routes, from tarmac to grave, and you will always find the right difficulty for your fitness level. There are loads of forest routes, too, so you can go and have a scent of fresh air, without getting burnt in the Sun. Biking in Cyprus also provides you with amazing mountain views of the sea and towns, surrounding mountains, if you are choosing to ride into the mountains.

Fishing experience in Cyprus

Cyprus has a long tradition of fishing. The island is famous of different species; both fresh water and salt water fish. There are great fishing spots on the island, with great views, and all the equipment you would need. You can even pick up a Rainbow Trout or Silver Beam. You do not have to be experienced in fishing. If you want to spend the time relaxing, many clubs are offering short term training and introduction for tourists, together with the equipment hire. The Mediterranean Sea is full of different exotic species to catch, too. In Cyprus you will not have to purchase an expensive license. All you have to review is the restrictions. If you are planning your holiday in Cyprus for a few weeks, you can even have the fish you catch made in a local restaurant at your taste.

Excellent Cyprus golf courses

Golfing in Cyprus is available all year long. The island has some of the best courses in Europe. The shady sites and the crisp air will help you get fit while enjoying the great outdoor scenes, Cyprus has to offer.

Marathon and running in Cyprus

There is a Marathon held in Cyprus every year, at the beginning of the spring each year. There are over 500 people taking place in the Paphos Marathon, from various countries. If you are looking for a challenge, the diverse topography will offer you just that.