There are different reasons why you would like to settle down in Cyprus. It is a great Mediterranean island, close to both Asia, Africa and Europe. It has a healthy, warm climate, a mild winter and a stunning scenery. But Cyprus is much more than a holiday destination: an increasing number of British decide to settle down on the island.

Cyprus has always been an important place for most of the occupying empires, because of its location. After 82 years of British administration, it became independent in 1960, and started to offer more for holidaymakers.

At the moment there is a disagreement over the island between the Turks and Greeks, but it does not influence life in Cyprus. There is still a de-facto separation in place, and that means: Cyprus is divided into two parts: a Turkish occupied area and Republic of Cyprus area. The Republic of Cyprus has a legitimate government and is recognized by the EU and UN.

There are about 700.000 people living in Cyprus at the moment, and only about 80 percent of them were born n the island. The remainder of the population of Cyprus consists of Turkish minority and foreign expats.

Do you need permissions to work in Cyprus?

As Cyprus is a member of the European Union, you are able to work there without a permission. There are no restrictions for EU nationals.

If you plan to settle down in Cyprus, and stay longer than three months, you might need to register at local authorities. The Civil Registry & Migration Department will issue your registration documents, once you have been offered a job. If you are staying on the island for more than 3 months, and are not working, you still have to get registered.

You will have the same legal rights as an employee, when working in Cyprus. You will pay the same insurance and tax. You will also have access to the same type of benefits, as long as you maintain your residency and work in Cyprus. If you are travelling with children and settle down, they will have the same rights to education and benefits, too.

If you want to start looking for work in Cyprus, you need to get a registration certificate. This can be obtained either at the Cyprus Police’s local office or the Immigration branch, within 4 months of your arrival.

You will have to have a personal interview in the Civil Registry and Migration Department  office, or a local branch.

You will also have to submit some documents:

– your application form, issued by the Civil Registry and Migration Department. You need to get advice which one you should fill out depending on the residency you are looking to apply for.

  • one form of photo identification
  • 2 passport photographs
  • A stamp duty of 8,54 Euros (about 6 British Pounds)

If you are settling down with children, there might be some extra documents you need.

– a marriage certificate

– In case the marriage took place in Cyprus,

– If you got married in Cyprus, you will need the original “apostile” certificate.

After you have found work, you will need to request a national insurance number for your Cyprus employment. You will get the certificate i your hand within a week.