If you want to sell your Cyprus property, you might need to get ready for competing with agents and different professional property businesses. If you are going ahead and trying to sell your Cyprus property yourself, you might need to wait for up to 6 months or more. You have to check out what is the realistic current valuation of your property, and get in touch with a local agent, if you want to complete the sale fast. If you have a property at a popular Cyprus location and it is in a good condition, you can get a fast sale.

You can even start advertising the property on the spot, by placing the “For Sale” sign just outside the villa. That is a great way to test how interested potential buyers would get when you start marketing the house. If the on-the-spot advertising does not work, try look at placing ads in the local press as well.

You can then look at different Cyprus estate agents. Make sure that you are choosing a knowledgeable company with good references. The fee will be payable on completion, and is usually 3 to 5 percent of the sale price. You should never sign up for a fixed price service when trying to sell your Cyprus property.

You will also need to contact a property surveyor, to recommend an asking price and give you the actual value of the property. Make sure that you are asking for a second opinion if you are not happy with the figure the surveyor gave you.

You will need to pay tax on the property gain, and it is advisable that you are contacting a Cyprus attorney to give you an overview of the tax amount upon the sale of your property.

Selling a Cyprus property is quite straightforward. You need to visit the Lands’ Office with your buyer personally, and sign the sales documents in front of the officials and attorneys. If there are no impending issues, the sale can be completed in an hour. You should obtain a certificate of taxes from the local authority before the sale of the Cyprus property can be completed.