Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Eastern Mediterranean. The island of Cyprus is divided by a green line, at the South with the mostly Greek speaking and the only recognized Government  and at the North with a Turkish speaking population each side of that green line and a United Nations presence to keep the peace. The Republic of Cyprus (the Greek speaking side) is a full EU member.

Whether you are coming to Cyprus for business or pleasure, rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. There is so much to do on this beautiful island that it is difficult to decide from where to start. Because it is an island, the golden sands beaches, rocky shores and sea are obviously the most famous.

Beaches in Cyprus, especially on the southern side, are generally wide and sandy. There are buoys laid out every year to mark swimming areas and boat corridors. It is easy to find a safe and sheltered place for a swim, and in the more touristic areas you can enjoy a drink or a meal practically by the edge of the Mediterranean. Ayia Napa became a popular tourist centre because of its nice beaches and the crystal clear sea water, and the Ayia Napa clubbing scene, which is only second to Ibiza. For those who like water sports, Cyprus has loads to offer, such as Windsurfing, boat trips, yacht charters, scuba diving, jet skis rentals, paragliding, just to mention a few. Freshwater fishing is another activity that is quickly gaining popularity in Cyprus.

If you are more of a nature type, you can always go riding and trekking in Polis, Pafos forest, Protaras, Larnaca and the highest mountains in the east of the Mediterranean, the Troodos mountain range. The mountains offer snow skiing in the winter and beautiful cool days in the summer, with a wealth of gorgeous scenery and some very interesting villages to visit. Cyprus has also two unspoiled peninsulas, Akamas at the south and Karpaz at the north Turkish occupied area. Both of them are very popular with sea turtles. Every year thousands of sea turtles hatch in bays in these two peninsulas. Most of the time they are assisted from volunteers. One can also find a good number of wild donkeys in the Karpaz peninsula.

If you are also into history and archeology, or simply like to know more about our ancestors, then there is almost too much for you to see and explore on Aphrodite’s island. You can visit lovely little churches (where you have to get the key from the priest of the village), ruins which you can walk through and explore without fences and barriers. You will also find an endless list of museums and places of interest in Cyprus. Simply visit your nearest tourist information office for a copy of the map of the village you are staying in.

The Cypriot night life is rich and varied. Irrelevant if you like noisy places, or quiet villages, you will find your fit in Cyprus. English pubs, restaurants, traditional Cypriot tavernas, cabarets, disco’s and theme bars to all night restaurants and places of entertainment with live music and shows. Alcohol and cigarettes are also very cheap in Cyprus, when compared to other EU countries. As a matter of fact Cyprus is not the ideal place to give up smoking. Wine tasting festivals, Kommandaria nights and experimentation with cocktails and mixes could play a large part of your holiday if you are that way inclined, we certainly have the facilities at prices that make it viable.

As you can see Cyprus has just got about everything that you could want or dream of, for a an ideal holiday, retirement home, or as an office for your offshore company.