When you are trying to choose a perfect Cyprus plot to build your Cyprus property, there are a few things you have to consider. It is advisable to check the map against the plot you are visiting, to ensure it is the same one you were offered. Check out the site plan, boundaries and shape. Compare the roads, buildings, topography of the ground as shown on the Cyprus Lands’ Office drawings. You might need to get a Cyprus surveyor to help you as well.

Another important thing to check is if there are any planning permissions for the town, where you are looking to buy a plot in Cyprus. Find out the building density; the lower it is the larger building you can erect. But don’t start planning until you have spoken to a surveyor. There are many exclusion zones in Cyprus, affecting the issue of permissions. You might want to build your Cyprus home next to an animal farming zone, and they get declined the permission, after you have bought the land. You also have to check the neighbourhood as well as the quality of land. Avoid farming zones, if you don’t want to wake up for strange smells in the morning, and it would also harder to get a planning permission there. The infrastructure is worse in those areas.

The area you want to build your Cyprus property in might also be subject to zoning. You should visit the Planning Office for advice. They can give you information not only about the current planning zones, but the proposed ones, too.

There are many things you should consider when looking at planning zones:
– The area’s building density. This is going to determine the maximum size of the Cyprus property you can build.
– The permissions to use. If the previous purpose of the land was farming, you should get it changed before you start building your Cyprus property.
– The percent allowed to be built in. You have to study the regulations, as in some rural areas the density might be extremely low.
– The maximum height of the property you can build.