You might know that Cyprus is  a great holiday destination. However, if you want to find out more about its culture, influences and history, you might want to explore Cyprus more.

Cyprus has been an important place in many ages. It has been occupied for over 9000 years. Early settlements were important ports and trading places, and it also had a great importance in the Graeco-Roman era.

You can explore the real life on Cyprus, if you can see behind the holiday resorts’ lights and posters, and try to look for character and history. Cyprus has been conquered by many empires, and local people have suffered a lot. There are still some disagreements. Still, people in Cyprus are happy and relaxed.

The influence of different cultures: Greek, Turkish, Muslim and Christian remains are all found in Cyprus. You will be able to spot these influences, if you set off to explore the island. Orthodox churches and Mosques are both present in Cyprus, and they are remainders of the colorful and unsettled past.

Although there were loads of fights over Cyprus in the past, it is still calm, people are laid back, and the island is offering a great holiday spot. You need to explore more of Cyprus than the beaches: Troodos Mountain and stunning old churches make the experience even better.

You can feel the culture and history, if you visit one of Cyprus’s famous archaeological sites. Many of them are protected by the UNESCO scheme. If you want to get away from the crowd, you can escape to  Karpas Peninsula, Troodos Mountains or just hike around Mount Olympus.

Cape Greco also offers a different diving and swimming experience, with its unique features and clear water.

If you think life stops in Cyprus at night, you are mistaken. The night life is great, and there are great places to explore, get to know locals, and try local drinks.

In case you want to know how people in Cyprus relax, you can visit the bars of coffee shops in the early evening hours. You can even try the local “firewater” to help you chill out. Eating out is also a  great experience in Cyprus, and you will be sure to find a dish you will want to taste over and over again.