The remote seaside village of Pissouri is a great alternative for tourists, looking for a different type of Cyprus holiday. It is located just west from Limassol, and lies between Paphos and Limassol. It has its own administration area, but is still a great traditional village. The village itself is about three kilometres from Cape Aspro bay, and is built on the slopes of a mountain. It is the centre of the local administrative territory.

The village is separated from the bay area in Pissouri, and depending on what type of holiday you are looking for, you should look for suitable accommodation. The village is very popular among expats, and as a result, the population is growing quickly. Many British people decide to purchase a Cyprus property in Pissouri, after being seduced by the perfect beauty of the location.

If you look in a Cyprus travel guide, you will not find much information about Pissouri. It is because it just recently got known, and also because until recently it was just a local village of no importance. But if you want to see more of Cyprus than the crowded beaches and restaurants, you should get away from it all in Pissouri. It is still a farming village, and a great place for eco-tourism. If you want to find out more about real Cypriot customs, you should choose this village, with loads of character and friendly people.

The good news is: Pissouri is less crowded, as its beauty is not well known among tourists yet, therefore you can enjoy more hospitality, and mix with real local people. If you are thinking about settling down in Cyprus, you should spend a few weeks in this village, to have a real idea of the Cyprus lifestyle and customs. There are resorts built here, but this is still not a “hot property market”, and that gives you the chance to get your own place in the sun.

If you think that Pissouri is just an old, dusty village, you are mistaken. You will find everything you need, from tavernas, restaurants, an amazing beach and loads of amenities. The quality of food is outstanding, even compared to other places in Cyprus, as everything is extremely fresh, thanks to the nearby farms. You will also find many banks in Pissouri, and still get away from the tourist resorts of Cyprus.