If you are looking for Cyprus villas, you need to know that the most popular areas at the moment are around Paphos Pissouri and Protaras. The mountains between Polis and Paphos are also getting developed. New villages and resorts are set up, and these mainly consist of newly built Cyprus villas. But you need to look for a great design and quality finish from a reputable Cyprus property developer. If you want to get your own villa designed, you should look for plots at Limassol and Larnaca.

The most common type of Cyprus villa on offer is the standard 2-storey property with two bathrooms and three to four bedrooms. There is usually a kitchen-breakfast area and a living room downstairs. Swimming pools are common features of average Cyprus villas.

If you have a look at the prices, you will find differences. They exist per location and the type of villa, too. You also need to consider that extra costs will be involved, if you are having your Cyprus villa built. You can also take out finance for Cyprus properties at comfortable terms.

Another option is to purchase old village houses and convert them into stunning properties or villas. These old Cyprus cottages will have loads of character. You need to consider the condition of the property, and get a valuation for renovation, before you should decide to buy the Cyprus home and start turning it into a modern villa.

The more remote location you are looking at, the better price you can get. You can approach villagers or the muchtar (the chairman of the village parish) for information, and you can get a cottage at a reasonable price. But it is important to always ask a professional to review the price of the Cyprus property, and let the lawyers to complete the exchange. You might also need a local attorney, who knows the rules and regulations. You can save yourself a lot of hassle, if you find a knowledgeable expert.

If you are looking to settle down in a remote Cyprus village, you need to check out the neighbourhood. Start making friends, and review the life of people in the area. You can even rent a property before you would decide with the purchase for a couple of weeks or months. If you plan to make developments in the property, you might even be eligible for a Government grant. But you will need to ask an architect and other experts, as some older buildings have property development restrictions.