The modern capital of Cyprus: Lefkosia (better known as Nicosia) is the commercial and administrative centre of the island. There are many offshore and international banks operating in the capital, as well as national banks, insurance providers and trade companies. The capital of Cyprus has a long history of being the trading centre of Cyprus. Its markets and the harbour provided the right environment for trading to develop, and it is still a thriving centre.

You can find history and modern features in Lefkosia: you can choose to walk down the narrow streets and visit the bazaar, or go to the modern centre to buy designer merchandise. You will be able to find the latest Paris and Italian fashion, as well as gold and local lace products. Handicrafts and jewellery are found all over the city, and if you are tired of going from shop to shop, you can find a tavern with a great atmosphere, offering a variety of dishes from traditional to modern Cyprus cuisine.

You can also visit the Cyprus Museum in the capital, Nicosia, and review the history of the island from the Neolithic age to the 20th Century. There is also a Byzantine Museum found in the capital, with one of the largest collection of icons and relics. The Golden Age of the Mediterranean is covered by the all year round collection of the museum. If you are interested in contemporary art, you can visit the State Collection of Contemporary Art, featuring the best artists of today’s Cyprus.

You will also be able to pick up some traditional gift from one of the workshops of Handicraft Centre, and check out the traditional ways of making handicrafts.

You can also find the greatest restaurants in Nicosia, from Greek tavernas to international kitchen. You can taste a variety of famous Cyprus wine, and try the meze (30 dishes served one after another) and fish or souvlaki. If you are looking for cosmopolitan kitchen, you will also find Middle Eastern dishes, Italian, French and Asian restaurants in Lefkosia.

The capital has loads to offer for every visitor, when it comes to entertainment, too. Some of the best theatres are found here, as well as modern cinemas, cafes, pubs and bars. Night life is lively in Cyprus, and you can surely find your own style in Nicosia. If you want to escape from the hot weather, you can go to a modern swimming pool, SPA or the mountains. Sports are also popular in Cyprus, and you can enjoy football, basketball and volleyball matches, tennis and golfing events.