When you try to buy a Cyprus plot to build your own holiday home, you should consider what the rights currently on the map are. Access – especially public or farming – are important factors to consider, before you would buy the land in Cyprus. The Land Registry and Survey Plan should contain all the important information you need to be able to decide. If the property has no public access registered, it does not mean that nobody can register it. There might also be a right of way for your neighbours, or builders. Ensure that you are aware of these conditions, by consulting with a local surveyor, who knows the related property law in Cyprus. Anyone can ask for access at the Lands’ Office, and it might not show up on the official plan, but you should ask about it to be sure. Some applications might be already filed by the time you are purchasing the plot, and you will have no chance to successfully object. If there is a right of way and the closest public road is more than 1000 feet away, your planning application might get rejected automatically.

You will need to ensure that when you are planning building your Cyprus villa, you should review the access regulations. It is more than likely that you can erect only one property on the same plot, to have independent, satisfactory access. Water and electricity should be lead to the property, and it will be a single charge for the access, and some set up fees can apply, too. There is a chance that you are going to use a private water supply. It is not common in Cyprus. If you set up a private supply, you should get the samples and source tested by the Water Development Department. In some parts of Cyprus it might be hard to get public supply for water, especially if you are building in a remote area. You have to consider your options, and speak to the local estate agent as well as the village muchtar for possible solutions and the costs involved.

You should not trust locals to an extent though, as you must obtain the permission of the Water Development Department. You will always have to consult with the appropriate Cyprus authorities for guidance. If you are trying to leave them out, they are more likely to file objections and make your life harder. You should contact the District Lands’ Office for information about the current field subdivision. Some plots can be subject to this, and that means you can’t possibly obtain a building permission at all. If you are in doubt, ask a local estate agent or get in touch with a surveyor to obtain a full report of the property.

In case there is already a building on the plot you want to build your Cyprus property on, you should always check out that the relevant building permissions were obtained by the previous owners. You might end up paying the demolition cost of the property, and it would make it harder for you to get a building permit, if there is an illegal dwelling on site already. You can also buy an empty plot, and you can avoid these problems, but care should be taken before you purchase, to maximize your chances that you can make your Cyprus dream come true and carry out the building of the property without any difficulties.