The breath-taking Avakas Gorge is found in the Akamas Peninsula. It is carved out of limestone rocks. It is around 3km long and rises up to 30 metres formed by a natural stream over millions of years. The gorge is a considerably difficult trail to hike since its rough track winds along the stream. You must make sure that you have the appropriate clothes and proper footwear. Some parts of the trail are slippery and include some clambering over rocks and stones. If you are visiting in the Winter or Spring except to get your feet wet. It is sensible to pursue this trail in groups or at least pairs. It is also advisable to equip yourself with plenty of drinking water.

The gorge is also home to a vast amount of flora including pine trees, cypresses, oaks, wild fig trees, junipers and ferns. Along the way you can also notice beautiful wild flowers especially if you visit during the Spring. Some animals also call this gorge their home, such as foxes, hares, butterflies, night owls, crows and a large amount of reptiles.

Directions: The Avakas Gorge is easily accessible by car. From Paphos, follow the coast road north past Coral Bay. Follow the signs to Agios Georgios. Take a right turn as soon as you see the sign leading to the Akamas Peninsula. Turn to the right just before the Vilkari Taverna and follow the track downhill. You will reach an information board and a barrier to prevent cars from proceeding further. You can leave your car in this area and proceed on foot.