The advantage of a holiday in Cyprus, over other holiday spots in the Mediterranean is that the crime level is very low. As it is free from the “big city” lifestyle, people are more relaxed and residents enjoy a safe environment. Although Cyprus is one of the top nightlife holiday spots, it is still safe to go out at night, and have fun in one of the quality night clubs.

Paphos district offers some of the best beaches on the island. Many of the region’s beaches have achieved blue flag. If you want to visit the best beaches of Cyprus, you have to check out the following:

If you are taking a holiday with kids, Ladies Mile Beach is one of the best spots to choose There are children’s activities and water sport facilities, as well as child-friendly restaurants.

If you like swimming, Alagadi Turtle Beach is the best place to go. In the season of egg laying, you can spot different species of turtles, like Loggerhead turtles and Green turtles. Swimming is prohibited during the period,

For the lovers of water sports, Nissi Beach offers the best facilities. It has a blue flag rating, and is perfect for yachting, water skiing or just diving. There are some bungee jumping sites nearby, too.
If you always wanted to try scuba diving, you will be happy to discover Cyprus. It is among the top 10 spots to practice this sport. You can visit Zenobia’s ruins, a world famous site, and explore the region’s species as well. Diving in Cyprus is a once in a lifetime experience.

If you are looking to get active outside the water, Cyprus offers one of the best championship golf courses as well. You can enjoy a holiday in Cyprus all year round. It is only the winter, when rain might force you to look for restaurants or indoor activities.

If you are looking for the perfect summer vacation destination, you will surely find it in Cyprus.