If you are looking for the ultimate Mediterranean summer holiday, you might find that in Cyprus. With over one million people visiting Cyprus every year, it is offering the best beaches and facilities all through the region.

Cyprus is the third biggest island of the Mediterranean, still the top holiday destination. It enjoys a great climate, and loads of historical sites to explore.

As Cyprus has a colorful history, and has had different cultural influences in the past 9000 years, it offers great historical and archaeological attractions. From Egypt to Byzantine, the Greeks and Romans, there is evidence of all the ages and cultures. You will find plenty of sites and huge collections, if you are interested in the local history.

The Choirokoitia settlement is one of the earliest in the region, and is a very important archaeological site regarding to European history. There is evidence that Cyprus had settlements around 9000 years ago.

The site of Choirokoitia is from the 4th to 7th Century BD. It is under continuous exploration, and there is loads of information to be discovered still about the life of people at the time.

IT is a World Heritage site, and the UNESCO is protecting the area. Just like some great churches in Cyprus, they are very important for archaeologists. If you are interested in the Byzantine culture, you will find great churches from that time, too. St John Lampadistis for example is a church from that era, and is still a working church.

Over 300 sunny days are making the island even more attractive for the lovers of sunshine. It doesn’t take more than a few hours to fly to Cyprus from most of the European airports.

The average temperature in Cyprus is about 28 degrees. But thanks to the island’s location, the fresh air is making the heat more pleasant.