As Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, it enjoys over 300 sunny days in a year. That is the climate most holidaymakers adore about the island.

Cyprus is called the island of Aphrodite, and the beauty of the island does match up to that. It offers a stunning landscape, ranging from sandy beaches to great mountains. The island also has a rich history, people are friendly, and outgoing. The lifestyle is very relaxed at this Mediterranean island.

Many people are looking to discover the place in the sun they can enjoy more than sitting on the beach. That is why Cyprus is becoming extremely popular among holidaymakers.

The island enjoys a great Mediterranean climate, it is an all-year holiday destination. It is very rare to have a cold winter, and the temperature still stays over 10 degrees. The fresh fruit and vegetables can give you the healthy lifestyle you were always looking for, seasonal dishes and ripe fresh produce will grow all year round.

Cyprus climate also has a beneficial effect on people’s health; let it be a rheumatic respiratory problem you are suffering from, you will feel much better after spending a few weeks in the island. That is the reason why many elderly or retired people choose to relocate to the island.

As the cost of travel to Cyprus is getting lower, and budget airlines are operating cheap, direct flights, it is a great place to go on Holiday to. Flights are available to most of the European airports  and even America, the Middle East or Australia.

Cyprus’s history goes back some 9000 years, and has a great culture to explore. You will also find plenty of historical buildings to explore, as well as myths and legends. Whatever your favorite age is, you will find the cultural sites you are looking for.

A huge percentage of the visitors of Cyprus fall in love with the island, and decide to settle down for good. The lifestyle is more relaxed, and Cyprus property prices are affordable.

If you are looking for a stunning scenery, that is just what the island has to offer. There is a colorful wildlife on the island, from birds to special butterfly species. A wide range of Mediterranean flowers bloom in the spring, and Cyprus is offering loads of flower festivals. If you are looking to explore the island even more,  Troodos offer stunning mountains and well built up paths for walks and rambling.

You are surely going to love the relaxed life in the island. Locals are very friendly, helpful, and around 80 percent of them speak English. If you decide to settle down in Cyprus, you are going to get used to the climate fast, the tasty dishes ad friendly locals. It will not take long until you will call Cyprus your true home.