As Cyprus food has had many influences, from different cultures, there is a Cyprian dish for everyone. There is a huge influence of British, Greek, Mediterranean and Middle-east taste. That said: the Cypriot cousine is offering a huge variety of dishes, and that is one of the reasons Cyprus is so popular among tourists from all over the world. One of the main features of the dishes is the fresh fruit and vegetables, as the climate of Cyprus is great for growing them. The food is always full of flavor, and fresh ingredients, like the Moussaka.

Farming is very popular in Cyprus, thanks to the moderate climate. Many households are growing their own fruits and vegetables, too. But as the seasons change, to food and tastes change as well. You can never get bored with Cyprus food. For example, New Year is celebrated by “Vasilopitta”, a special cake for bringing you good luck for next year, while there are plenty of wine festivals held in Cyprus in September. The wine is delicious and aromatic, and you will be able to taste them all if you are participating in the Cyprus wine festivals.

“Mezze” is one of the most characteristic Cyprus food. It is a special feast, when up to 30 dishes are served. It is a great way to explore different tastes and flavors, and find your favorites quickly. When you are visiting Cyprus the first time, you should try this in a local restaurant. The people of Cyprus are extremely friendly, and will help you choose dishes as well as wines to suit them.

The most popular meat dishes of Cyprus, from pork to chicken. Kebabs are served all over the island, from restaurants to beach bars. Cyprus are Dolmades are great if you want a tasty meal to fill you up. It is made of mince meat and rice wrapped in wine leaves. Another great meat based meal is Tava, a great tasting, spicy meat and onion stew. If you don’t have much time to eat, you can still opt for a kebab, roasted on charcoal to a perfect smoked flavor.

But if you are a coffee lover, Cyprus has good news for you, too. There are plenty of coffee places in Cyprus, you can enjoy your afternoon siesta on. They are stuffed in the evenings, and locals like discussing current issues, enjoying a few cups of Cyprus coffee. Sometimes even entertainment is provided in these coffee houses, suitable for kids and families as well. But the coffee house is mostly a men;s place, women and children are only rarely allowed.