Cyprus is the best place to take a family holiday. In case you are arriving with kids, you might want to find out what are the best attractions and activities, suitable for children. We are going to give you an overview of the best places.

1. The Theme Park of Agia Napa

The Water Wonderland in Agia Napa is guaranteed fun for the whole family. This is the biggest water themed park in Cyprus, and it is based on mythological creatures. Not only fun, but highly educational. On the site, you can find more activities to enjoy, like the Go-Kart track.

2. Cyprus Camel Park

Placed in Mazotos, it is also educational and fun for kids. They can learn how to ride the camel, and take part in a caravan around the village. Maotos also offers a museum, pools and catering facilities.

3. Beach activities in Cyprus

The most suitable beaches in  Cyprus are Germasogeia  Geroskipou, Larnaca, Dassoudi Beach and Dasoudi. Kids can enjoy diving, windsurfing, swimming, or simply building sandcastles. There are great programs for children in the summer.

4. The Penguin village

Limassol’s Le Meridien Hotel features the Penguin Village, which is great entertainment. If you are staying in the hotel, the program will be likely to be included. There are separate restaurants for kids, a playground and educational programs. Children of all ages can have loads of fun in Cyprus’s Penguin Village, while you can still enjoy your stay.

5. Donkey Park

Situated in  Lornaca Village it is a great experience for kids. You can visit the hospice for donkeys, and buy some great gifts in the village shop. Kids can ride on donkeys, and explore the surrounding area. Even adults can take a ride, and that is what makes this activity a real family experience.