Cyprus is not only a great holiday destination, but a fantastic place to live, too, a true Mediterranean Paradise. The island benefits from stunning coasts, a rich history and fantastic places to visit. There are over 330 sunny days in a year, and the climate is one of the healthiest in the Mediterranean. Even in winter, you can enjoy outdoors, as the weather is sunny, and the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees. Cyprus has something to offer visitors all year round.

The healthy Mediterranean weather is one of the main benefits of visiting Cyprus for holiday. It is hot in the summer, around 35 degrees on the average, but you can still escape the heat of the beaches to the mountains or just chill out in the shade. In the autumn the temperatures are around 20 degrees, and the sea temperature is still suitable for water sports. You can expect some rain between November and March; the most in January and February.

Being the third largest island of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is located on the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. Greek is the official language, but over 80 percent of the population speaks English. The capital is Nicosia, and you can find most of the administration there, from embassies to land registry offices.

Cyprus is a real Mediterranean paradise, and has a natural beauty which is not found anywhere else. It is about 40 miles from Turkey and 250 miles from Egypt, It is a part of the Mediterranean group of islands, including Sicily and Sardinia.

You can expect loads of bright, sunny days from Cyprus. And that is why many people choose the island not only as a holiday destination, but a place to live. There is much more to do in Cyprus than chilling out in the sun: you can find many historical sites to explore, dating back to 7000 BC and colourful architecture. You can even escape to a remote village, great mountains with cedar trees, citrus groves and traditional vine yards.

Cyprus is the ultimate Mediterranean destination. The temperature is perfect; more than 330 sunny days will surely cheer up visitors from the UK. And as life is much cheaper on the island, it is a great place to choose for settling down after retirement. European standards of life are provided in North and south Cyprus. Limassol is a fantastic cosmopolitan town, offering fantastic facilities, shops and restaurants.

There are many companies trading internationally, and every European produce, home electrical, furnishing are found in Cyprus. Mediterranean culture paired up with a modern lifestyle: The island has great things to offer for every Western European visitor. Cypriots are very friendly, and welcome every person in the community, wanting to start a new life in Cyprus. As the local tax is relatively low in Cyprus, it is even more attractive for expats looking to live in the Sun.