The Cyprus lifestyle is very family-orientated. There are many things you can do there with kids, and loads of activities to enjoy as a family.

If you enjoy sports, you can play golf, go fishing, cycling in the mountains or hiking. Riding a horse in Cyprus is great as well, and you can enjoy it all year. Water sports are very popular, too, not only among tourists, but locals as well.

About eighty percent of Cyprus’ population speaks English, and that is why British tourists enjoy their stay. Not to mention that driving is easy for them, as they are using the same side of the road.

If you think going to Cyprus once, you will change your mind soon. The island has new things to discover every year.

Cyprus is also called Aphrodite’s island, and is full of mythological creatures, heritage places to explore. The sunshine is with the island all year round. You can go on and explore the over 10.000 years of history from Cleopatra to the Romans and Alexander the Great. They all loved the sunny island of the Mediterranean for its beauty and perfect location. Antiques came here to visit Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

But if you think that Cyprus is an ancient place still, you will be disappointed. It offers real European lifestyle, culture and amenities. You will find the greatest beaches of the Mediterranean here, as well as a breath-taking landscape and modern shops. You can visit the ancient ruins by car, have a walk in the mountains, relax on the beach and visit quality clubs in one place. The villages have a stunning atmosphere, locals are very friendly, and you can just sit at the coffee shop in the afternoons, mixing with people from Cyprus. The island offers a laid back lifestyle and loads of things to explore.

If you choose Cyprus, you will be able to find a friendly village to get away from the crowd, and rent the place of your dreams. Citrus trees provide you privacy in the traditional Cyprus villas for rent, and if you have had enough quiet time, it only takes about ten minutes to visit the nearest town, to pick up your shopping or go clubbing. But if you prefer a private, relaxing holiday, you can just listen to the birds singing, spend your evenings in the garden or patio and take no notice of the outside world. Agro-tourism is a very popular industry in Cyprus, as an increasing number of Western European visitors explore the peace the remote locations of the Paphos District can provide.