The climate of Cyprus is great for people looking for the perfect place in the sun. If you are just holidaying in Cyprus, or are thinking about buying your own home and settle down, you will not be disappointed. The healthier and sunniest climate possible is provided by the island, and even January temperatures are above 15 degrees most of the time. But summer is really hot, and if you are from Britain, you should allow some time for your body to get adjusted to the fresh, crispy but hot air. The winters are short and mild, and summers are warm and long. The autumn and spring also offer temperatures over 20 degrees, and suitable for outdoor sports. The winter in Cyprus is like a summer in England. There are over 320 days of sunshine every year, and it is very rare that the temperatures drop below 15 degrees.

The Dream holiday island, Cyprus is getting more popular among people looking to settle down for good. It is because of its ideal location, wonderful scenery and high rated beaches, as well as the great sports and activities Cyprus offers. The island has first been discovered by the Persians, then the Phoenicians and Romans, Greeks and Crusaders also claimed the popular beauty spot, but still, Cyprus is unique, and people are very friendly on the island. That is what makes Cyprus the place to retire to.

Cyprus lied in the Mediterranean basin, and is the 3rd biggest island in the area. It has an area of about 9,251 km2-s. You can choose from a variety of Cyprus holiday offers: from five star resorts to family run hotels or private Cyprus villas, Cyprus can meet every requirement, no matter if you are visiting the island with a group of friends or family. There is over 340 sunny days in Cyprus, and you can surely find a great spot on one of the great sandy beaches to let the steam off.

The Cyprus landscape is something no other island can match. The surrounding hills have unique pine trees, while the forests are providing travellers with the great opportunity to go for a walk or escape from the heat. You can also explore different historical sites, like the Tombs of Kings, the Tekke Mosque, amphitheatres and museums. There is always something new to explore in Cyprus, not to mention the great local food.
You can chill out with some great tasty Cyprus wine and a Meze in the local restaurant, try different dishes and tastes. If you are a fish lover, you will love the local fish specialities, all made from fish caught the same day. But if you want to ensure the food will not affect your shape and fitness, you will find plenty of activities, from horse riding to tennis. And you also need to know that Cyprus has some of the best golf courses in Europe. No matter if you are looking for a relaxing holiday or a more active one, Cyprus has something to offer for everyone.