Cyprus’ history dates back some 10.000 years. It is not only a great holiday location, but an excellent place to explore the past of the Mediterranean are. Lying in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it has always had good connections between Europe, Asia and Africa, lies in ancient trading routes. It has a total area of 3,572 square miles, and served many empires as a fortress in the past. The maximum length of Cyprus is 150 miles, with the longest part of 60 miles.

The great warm climate of the island means the summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild and short. There are more than 320 sunny days a year. The temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees in the winter, and the climate allows visitors enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Summers, although are hot and sunny, you might not be used to the heat. The solution is to escape to the mountains or remote villages surrounded by forests. Cyprus is full of natural beauty and fantastic archaeological sites to explore, and that is why many people decide to retire to the island or purchase a holiday home.

Cyprus has been enjoying independence since 1960. It is officially called the Republic of Cyprus. It has its own government and president. Cyprus is the member of the EU and the European Council. Britain still retains some Sovereign zones, in Dhekelia and Akrotiri-Episkopi, but the rest of the country is under Cyprus administration. The Sovereign Republic is also the member of the EU. The country is a real European country, with good relationship with surrounding countries, as well as the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus’ currency is Euro, and it has contributed a lot towards the stability of the country, since the country became a member of the European Union. There are many international banks operating on the island, and currency exchange is widely available.

At the moment, Cyprus offers a European lifestyle for less than in most of the other cities in Europe. There are cheap supermarkets, markets and local produce available all through the island. The health care is one of the best in Europe, and doctors are highly skilled. Private hospitals and treatments are also available.

Cyprus also has two international airports: Larnaca and Paphos. This is a great feature helping the tourism industry, as well as the economy. Telecommunication and transport is one of the best in the world, and Cyprus is also an offshore paradise, because of the low taxation. Modern highways make it easy to travel through the island, and driving is on the left, making the country more appealing for British tourists and expats.

The official language if Cyprus is Greek, however English is widely spoken, over 80 percent of the population speaks the language. Many residents also understand French, Russian and German, as well as Italian.