If you enjoy great scenery, the island of love, Cyprus will have loads of things to offer, on the top of great food and resorts. You can go ahead and explore Cyprus’s historical sites, features, and architecture by taking touring holidays in Cyprus. Because of the location of the island, it has been conquered by different cultures and empires, and you can explore this colorful past easily. Influences of Persia and the Graeco-Roman era can be found all over Cyprus.

If you want something different this year than a traditional beach holiday. You can explore the island, and still enjoy the great scenery and climate. You can find beautiful churches, spas and historical places full of character. One of these sites is Salamis. The remains of the site are from the 11th Century BC, and the ancient site was a trading village and center of the Greek empire. You will find out loads of information about the life in those times.

The Agia Napa beach resort is attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It has lovely sandy beaches, and offers great night life as well. The beauty of the place will make you fall in love with Cyprus, but if you want to see more than the holiday resorts, you will see plenty of sites on the map near Agia Napa. Enjoy the blue waters in the daytime, and go on a tour in the mornings or evenings, when the air is cooler.

The climate of Cyprus is one of the main features, tourists like, however you have to know: if you are looking for a different type of holiday, or a quieter environment, you can rent a villa outside the resorts, and explore the island yourself. In the summer most resorts are full of tourists, and you can still escape to the nearby Cyprus forests or mountains, or go on a tour around archaeological sites. If you are planning your holidays in Cyprus outside the peak season, you can save money, and avoid the crowd of Cyprus tourists.